Smartloader – assisted dosage station with traceability

The SmartLoader dosing station is the ideal solution for the management of manual dosages of liquids and powders in the industrial environment. We can also guarantees maximum traceability of operations without the use of paper supports. All the information are stored on a database which can be accessed any time from any computer connected to the company network.

The operating principle is simple. The integrated monitor shows the operator the recipe highlighting the line of the component that must be loaded at the moment, so he can dose the components step by step. The operator uses the barcode reader to identify the component to be dosed (code + possible lot). The monitor shows a graphical progress bar that the operator follows to reach the required dosage, with focused on the approach to the setpoint. If the dosage has the tolerance required by the recipe, the operator confirms the dosage and goes to the next one.

In this way the operator is guided step by step in the loading of all the raw materials required for a given recipe, without having to worry about looking at the list on a sheet of paper, collecting print receipts or marking the operations performed. Everything is automatically recorded by the system.

Watch the Smart Loader in action



The system is configured according to customer demands and can be interfaced with company management systems (option + ERP) to guarantee the correct information flow from the warehouse to the production line, including the traceability with the code, already present in the company.

Alternatively can be provide with a PC (option + PC) pre-installed with a recipe managment software, SmartLoader Recipe, to be connected to the company LAN network. The same PC can manage different SmartLoader dosing stations.

The SmartLoader Manager software includes:

  • Creation and modification of sequential dosage recipes
  • Management of raw materials and local warehouse
  • User and permission management, access history display
  • Display of recipes in progress and production history
  • Creation of printable production reports



Every raw material can be identified by a bar code, cross-referencing management data to verify the correctness of the material, expiration, lot of the supplier. The system can return the consumption of raw materials to the management software for automatic reporting of what has been used and actually weighed.

The SmartLoader system is able to trace the container (option + CNT) on which the dosages are carried out and share the information with other production management software. It’s also possible to view the list of containers present in the department with details of the contents of each one, ready to be used in the next phase.

With the + CLN option, guided cleaning cycles can be managed to ensure the cleaning of the station, containers or dosing tools when switching between incompatible productions (polluting materials, incompatible colors, allergens, …). Each tool (knife, sessola, …) is identified with each use to guarantee compatibility with the current recipe and request a washing sequence.



The weighing station is entirely made of stainless steel and incorporates a 600 × 600 scale platform for loading bins with a maximum weight of 50Kg. also available in an approved version, with a resolution of 5g.

There are several options for installing scales with higher resolution (0.5g) of different sizes, that can be installed at different heights, to ensure the operator maximum ergonomics according to the container to be dosed. It’s also possible to interface third-party scales or pallet trucks weighed with radio or wired signals.

The dosing station comes with braked wheels and handles that allow it to be moved easily during the cleaning phases, or to move the whole station to other departments. On board it’s equipped with a dedicated weighing instrument (also available with metric approval), barcode reader (wired or wireless) and a completely washable touch screen panel PC.


For further details, please contact us and download the complete technical sheet:

Download the Technical Data Sheet

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