Three shafts Mixers and Dispersers – Scaffolding Machines


BIRG: Undervacuum machine version with independent scraper and two side dispersion / mixing shafts.

AIRG: Machine in standard version with independent scraper and two side dispersion / mixing shafts.


Inks, Glues, Mastics, Adhesives, Sealants, Plastics, Cosmetic Products, wall stuccoes, thick coatings.


From 50,000 cP to around 300,000 cP

Installed powers

From 55 kW to 250 kW

Tank capacity

From 1400 liters to 15000 liters

*Zanelli reserves the right at any time to make technical, dimensional and aesthetic modifications to the various machine models without notification.

Dispersing shafts and mixing shaft

Two balanced side dispersion shafts with adequate taper in the terminal part guarantee the elimination of vibrations during the most critical processing phases even at high speeds.

The dispersion tools supplied with the machine are of the toothed disc type with a quick-fixing system of dispersing shafts for easy replacement.

Anchor type shaft with scrapers

Independent central shaft of the anchor type with side and bottom scrapers in order to obtain a perfect cleaning of the inner surface of the tank and at the same time convey the processed product towards the dispersion / mixing impellers reducing production times.

Main transmission

Main electrical motors and speed reducer fixed to the mixers group complete with pulley-type transmission and belts with profiles and dimensions suitable for the installed power.

Two column structure

On the side of the mixers group there are two mobile columns coated with hard chrome, ground and wear resistant with technical solution that gives the machine a high strength even in the most critical phases of the production cycle, minimizing vibrations and increasing stability.


Management of different levels of ATEX regulations.

Undervacuum version.

Tank cooling / heating system thanks to double cavity / serpentine system.

Weighing system on load cells.

Measurement of product temperature.

Low and high pressure washing heads.

Connection between the machine cover and the powder and liquid supply systems.

Software and hardware package for semi automatic or fully automatic machine control.

Remote machine control system.


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